Sub Heading Code Sub Heading Description
1201 HS Code of Soya beans, whether or not broken
1202 HS Code of Ground-nuts, not roasted or otherwise cooked, whether or not shelled or broken
1203 HS Code of Copra
1204 ITC HS Code of Linseed, Whether Or Not Broken
1205 HS Code of Rape or colza seeds, whether or not broken
1206 ITC HS Code of Sunflower Seeds, Whether Or Not Broken
1207 HS Codes of Other oil seeds and oleaginous fruits, whether or not broken
1208 ITC HS Code of Flours and meals of oil seeds or oleaginous fruits, other than those of mustard
1209 HS Code of Seeds, fruit and spores, of a kind used for sowing
1210 HS Code of Hop cones, fresh or dried, whether or not ground, powdered, or in the form of pellets: lupulin
1211 HS Code of Plants And Parts Of Plants (including Seeds And Fruits), Of A Kind Used Primarily In Perfumery, In Pharmacy Or For Insecticidal, Fungicidal Or Similar Purpose, Fresh Or Dried, Whether Or Not Cut, Crushed Or Powdered
1212 Harmonised Codes of Locust Beans, Seaweeds And Other Algae, Sugar Beet And Sugarcane, Fresh, Chilled, Frozen Or Dried, Whether Or Not Ground; Fruit Stones And Kernels And Other Vegetable Products (including Unroasted Chicory Roots Of The Variety Ci-chorium Intybus Sativum) O
1213 HS Code of Cereal straw and husks, unprepared, whether or not chopped, ground, pressed or in the form of pellet
1214 Harmonised Codes of Swedes, Mangolds, Fodder Roots, Hay, Lucerne (alfalfa), Clover, Sainfoin, Forage Kale, Lupines, Vetches And Similar Forage Products, Whether Or Not In The Form Of Pellets
Chapter-12 Oil Seeds and Oleaginous Fruits; Miscellaneous Grains, Seeds and Fruit; Industrial or Medicinal Plants; Straw and Fodder, soya beans HS Code