Export Import Data of 80+ Countries

As a data processing company, Eximdata analyses and processes the raw data as per specific client’s need and provides the data analytics that will help them take accurate decisions crucial for their business growth.


Who is Importing/Exporting?
What Quantity and Price?
When is the Date of Shipment?
Which Port of the Country?

Product Information

Detailed information about products of different countries along with HSN Code.

Competition in Target Country

From our exim data you can very easily understand your competitors for a targeted product.

Demand of a product in a market

Understand the demand of a product

Environment of Business

You can easily understand the business environment in that country.

Competition in Prospective Country

You can very easily understand the demand of a particular product in a particular country.

Export-Import Directory

From Export directories to import directories we offer a huge range of processed data services.

Live Search of Shipment Data

We provide live search for shipment data of a particular product in a given country.